Wildheart Farm is a 3/4 acre queer and trans-run market garden nestled in the majestic and beautiful Skagit Valley of Northwestern Washington. We wish to acknowledge the land we farm on is unceded ancestral territory of the Coast Salish people, specifically the Swinomish and Skagit Tribes.

The Skagit Valley is known for its incredible soil and abundance of farm activity. Wildheart Farm is fortunate to lease land from the Viva Farms Incubator and join their incredible community of small organic farmers.

Wildheart Farm offers a 20-week CSA program, a la carte vegetable boxes, bulk vegetables when available, and vibrant and beautiful plant starts for all the home gardeners out there. 

We take care of the soil and farm ecosystem using sustainable agriculture practices, including cover cropping, mindful rotation of crops, and creating habitat for beneficial insects and pollinators. Although Wildheart Farm is not yet certified organic, we strictly follow these practices as part of the Viva Farms' organization, and in preparation for our own independent certification in the future. 

This is our first season in production and we are honored to grow for you!!!


What is CSA?

When you participate in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), you are directly supporting farmers and helping to create more sustainable local food systems.


Wildheart Farm is pleased to offer weekly vegetable boxes through our CSA program. The program runs for 20 weeks June-October. Boxes will contain 7-10 items and are $30 per week, for a total of $600 for the season, paid upfront. By joining Wildheart Farm's CSA, not only will you receive high quality local food, you play a huge role in ensuring the farm's success, and you become a vital member of the farm community!  

In an effort to improve food access, Wildheart Farm offers a limited number of lower-cost shares for low-income and BIPOC families and individuals. We care deeply about food justice and supporting communities dealing with food insecurity. We make this program possible with our members support! Those who can donate to fund lower-cost shares will be directly supporting community members' access to healthy, local food. All donated funds will be matched by Wildheart Farm, and will be used to directly offset the price of the lower-cost shares. If you need a lower-cost share, or would like to donate to cover part of the cost for families in need, make a note in the sign-up form and we will match donated funds to those needing lower-cost shares! We will have a limited number of these reduced-cost shares this year but hope to expand this program in the future. The price for a lower-cost share will be $450 for the 20-week season, and if we receive enough donations we can reduce that price even further, and/or offer the benefit to more individuals!

We hope to be able to accept SNAP/EBT benefits in the future, which will further expand access to our CSA program. 


Pickup locations will be on-farm in Burlington, WA and in Everett, WA.

~ Seattle area~ if we receive enough interest we can also establish a neighborhood pickup location in Seattle, so let us know if you're interested!

Crops we grow include:

Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peas, zucchini, summer squash, salad greens, lettuce, kale, chard, collards, cucumbers, pepers, eggplants, celery, leeks, onions, artichokes, strawberries, okra, winter squash, green beens, sweet corn, dry corn, dry beans 

Meet your farmer!

Sam Hoot, 1st generation farmer

Sam was born and raised in Washington state. After  many years working as a scientist in the biotechnology industry and seeking more connection to the natural world, Sam decided to pursue farming as a way of life. After several seasons of training on organic farms in Northern California and Western Washington, Wildheart Farm was born. Sam is extremely proud to be a part of the amazing community at Viva Farms, a farm business incubator which provides access to land and infrastructure and offers bilingual training and farming education to beginning farmers in Skagit and King Counties.